Information Systems Management (ISM) Methods


The British Academy for Training and Development offers a training course in Information Systems Management (ISM) methods. It is a special course that provides anyone interested in this field with the most important methods of Information Systems Management.

No one can deny the importance of Information Systems (IS) as they are considered the best means to facilitate and speed up office work and calculations in companies and organizations. Information Systems (IS) is a set of computer programs that help companies and organizations in organizing the work, facilitating communication and pushing the company progress wheel forward. This is provided by Information Systems (IS) software completely. Due to their importance, the necessity to master their management and learn various methods of managing them is demonstrated.

Objectives and target group

Target Category:

  • Companies and organizations directors.
  • Supervisors in companies' branches.
  • Employees in Information Systems companies branches.
  • Chairmen of development seeking companies.


How participants will benefit from the course:

After attending the course, participants will acquire the following skills:

  • Recognizing Information Systems (IS) academically.
  • Recognizing the best and most popular branches of Information Systems (IS).
  • A detailed study of the basic principles of Information Systems.
  • Mastering Information Systems Management (ISM) methodologies and strategies.

Course Content

  • A scientific definition of Information Systems (IS) and their management techniques.
  • An academic definition of Information Systems (IS).
  • Practical importance of Information Systems (IS).
  • Basic principles of Information Systems Management (ISM).
  • Mastering the most common methodologies and techniques of Information Systems management (ISM).
  • A detailed study of the positive sides of Information Systems (IS).

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Course Cost

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Members NO. : 1
£3600 / Member

Members NO. : 2 - 3
£2880 / Member

Members NO. : + 3
£2340 / Member

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