The British Academy for Training and Development offers a training course on information systems security. It is for anyone who desires to develop his skills or recognize and understand the concept of Information Systems and their importance in storing information.

Information Systems are those kinds of software which enable us to serve projects within large institutions and renowned companies. This helps to guarantee the privacy of most information on the personal level or even information that shows the secrets of success within companies or protects its accounts and transactions. If Those kinds of information are discovered, then this might cause the company bankruptcy or even worse such as destruction.

A computer information system is a system that a branch of science composed of people and computers that processes or interprets information.The term is also sometimes used in more restricted senses to refer to only the software used to run a computerized database or to refer to only a computer system.

Information Systems is an academic study of systems with a specific reference to information and the complementary networks of hardware and software that people and organizations use to collect, filter, process, create and also distribute data. An emphasis is placed on an information system having a definitive boundary, users, processors, storage, inputs, outputs and the aforementioned communication networks.

Information System Managment is a specialization interested in computer science and information technologies. It has merged between all information technologies, and their related programs, and the activity provided by the employee in order to perform these operations which may expand to include databases, equipment, webs and softwares. As a result, such technologies will be applied on all the company works such as production management, human resources management, financial management, supply chains and other operations conducted in companies.

Objectives and target group

Target Category:

  • Directors and companies owners.
  • Directors of Information Security departments in companies.
  • Directors of data storage departments in companies.
  • Directors of archive departments.
  • Officials of administrative departments in coastal areas.
  • All employees in the field of Information Security.
  • All academic professors who do research on the most important and recent information systems security.

How will participants benefit from this course:

After attending the course, participants will:

  • Understand the general concept of information systems security, how to benefit from it , and its importance in companies
  • Recognize the features of information systems security, and basic principles that should be provided in it.
  • Recognize the means of information security used in software.
  • Be updated with the latest information security systems around the world that are used by large companiesز

Course Content

  • Definition and importance of information security.
  • Principles of Information Security Systems.
  • Understanding encoding mechanism approved by companies in order to encode their important data.
  • How to put data and information under the guardianship of information security systems.
  • How to update information security systems for higher privacy.
  • How to hide data and transactions within accounting departments so that nobody can access them.
  • How to provide a protection method for the company information from hackers in other companies.
  • Administrative support systems.
  • Operational support systems.
  • Processes control systems.
  • Executive information systems.
  • Information processing systems.
  • Office automation systems.
  •  Business transactions processing.

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Course Cost

Note / Price varies according to the selected city

Members NO. : 1
£3600 / Member

Members NO. : 2 - 3
£2880 / Member

Members NO. : + 3
£2340 / Member

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