Development on Internet with CSS, HTML and JavaScript Basics


The British Academy for Training and Development provides a course on development on the internet with CSS, HTML and JavaScript basics for anyone who wishes to increase their software skills, learn new software languages, and know the most suitable language for them according to the performed scope of work.

Software is a word that means, as a term, the conversion of a set of symbols, codes or letters that symbolize a certain thing to orders and requests carried out by the computer. Software has witnessed a tremendous accelerating development, and the most prominent of these developments are those that we witness on in line with increasing software languages number ​​and the different bases they adopt in writing and coding. But there are software languages ​​that have proved its agreement with the standards as a useful and easy to use software language, whether in web pages management and design, or even by creating developed applications. Therefore, companies refer to employing software professionals to manage their sites professionally.

Information Security (IS) is the system used to secure the data transmitted via networks. In the technological development age and the prevailing different means of information storage and exchange; i.e. information transmission on networks and from website to another, it has become important to consider and observe information and data security. Information security is the science applied to provide great and adequate protection of information against any risks which may threaten or damage it through the tools and means required to protect information against internal or external risks. All standards and procedures taken to prevent having access to information by persons who are not allowed to access them through communications are used to ensure the authenticity and correctness of these communications. All techniques used in the world cannot be executed without Information Security (IS).

Objectives and target group

Target Category:

  • Internet department managers in companies.
  • Computer department managers in institutions and companies.
  • Developers of information centers in companies.
  • Information technology developers in companies.
  • Directors of information systems department in companies.
  • Directors of communication department in companies.
  • Technology development experts and networks protection systems.
  • Managers and owners of companies.
  • Directors of management departments in companies.
  • Employees working in organizations using software systems.
  • Corporate managers who want to make a special information work for their companies.
  • Managers of software and technology departments in software companies.
  • Computer and software department supervisors in IT companies.
  • Software department supervisors who want to develop their departments.
  • Students and academics interested in websites design using software languages.

How participants will benefit from the Course:

By the end of the Course, participants will recognize:

  • The basics of working on CSS program.
  • The basics of working using HTML software language.
  • The basics of writing by using JavaScript software language.
  • Writing programs and designing applications in a way understandable and translatable by computers.

Course Content

  • Websites design and management by HTML software language.
  • Create web pages using CSS language.
  • Create a more interactive browser and an easy to use web interface using JavaScript software language.
  • Differences between various software languages.
  • Information Systems definition and importance.
  • Method of Information Systems engineering and assessment.
  • Management Strategies of confidential information security.
  • Keeping confidentiality and security of information.
  • Information Security Management (ISM); their definition & importance.
  • Method of access protection systems management.
  • Smart Cards and their importance regarding Information Security (IS).
  • The scientific and methodological definition of information systems.
  • Mastering the most famous ways and methods in managing information systems.
  • Deep study of the most advanced features of information systems to connect to successful companies.
  • Characteristics and features of CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

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Course Cost

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£3600 / Member

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£2880 / Member

Members NO. : + 3
£2340 / Member

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