Advanced Strategic Thinking & Goal Setting


Strategic thinking is not an intellectual luxury or even an activity that represents a kind of astrology or a divination. It is one of the most advanced human sciences that the developed nations desire in a systematic way, not to discover the future of events and to imagine the possible aspects of economic, social and cultural matters. The world is dominant in order to prepare for and adapt to it and to make maximum use of it. Strategic thinking is a multi-pronged thinking. It takes into consideration the past, present and future. It works to employ quantitative methods, The rules of causality and the increase in independent variables and the absorption of the relations of things with each other, depends on creativity and innovation in the search for new ideas and applied innovative knowledge of the past in order to reach the future of the future and determine the direction and transformations. Strategic thinking is a multiplicity of surveys based on the foundations and rules and assets Scientific research in the use of appropriate research methodology based on the accuracy of expectations and the feasibility of predictions in order to evoke the future and represent its potential events, strategic thinking is the basis for the development and drawing a bright future image.

From an organizational perspective, management is the achievement of organizational goals through individuals and other resources. More precisely, management is the achievement of objectives through the five basic administrative functions: planning, organization, recruitment, direction and control. The goal of learning the art of management is initially to increase In the management skills and the self-development of the trainee, you will certainly apply the assets of management to work and private life as well, but their application depends on the work done, when working with specific and well-known resources and the five functions can be used for management, Only two or three jobs can be used. Planning is the administrative function that is interested in anticipating the future and determining the best ways to achieve the best business achievements and achieving the goals. Planning is the basis for starting work or entering projects. Without planning, work will become distracted. This will lead to errors, which will lead to failure of work, and follow-up implementation is part of the management that can not be dispensed with because it is also the best way to make the projects successful.


Objectives and target group

The British Academy for Training and Development offers this course to the following categories:

  • Managers of commercial institutions and companies.
  • Heads of management Departments.
  • Heads of Corporate Development & Management Departments.
  • Heads of Corporate Planning Departments.
  • Heads of Corporate Implementation Sections.
  • Supervisors and department managers.
  • All institutional staff.
  • Business Administration Students in Management Colleges.

After completing the program, participants will be able to master the following topics:

  • Developing the supervisory skills of the course dependents.
  • Acquiring experience in the field of teamwork and team building.
  • Developing thinking skills in the strategic planning process of the distinguished manager.
  • Acquiring the leader's skills in reducing the administrative risks of the principals.

Course Content

  • Methods of good communication between the administration and the staff and the implementation of their objectives.
  • Methods for proper planning, which takes into account the material cost and the company's ability to achieve.
  • Work mechanisms that must be accomplished before and during implementation of plans and ideas.
  • Proper methods of setting goals that must be consistent with the company's general policy.
  • Concepts of strategic plans and objectives.
  • The concept of administrative meetings to follow up the strategic plan and the way it is held.
  • Analysis of the internal and external environment.
  • Types of strategic plans.
  • Planning strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.
  • Management of strategic planning workshops.
  • Strategy formulation skills.
  • Administrative genius and supervisory leadership.
  • Mental skills.
  • Genius leading in achieving success.
  • Typical thinking strategies.
  • Preparing work maps and designing and developing the working reality.
  • Innovative and analytical thinking to achieve excellence in the work environment.
  • Diplomacy of genius managerial and leadership.
  • Basic information in supervisory performance.

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Course Cost

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