Comprehensive Strategies for Preparing PR and Media Leaders


The British Academy for Training and Development introduces this course (Comprehensive Strategies for Preparing PR and Media Leaders) to develop the knowledge and skills required by a Public Relations officer to design, organize and advertise a special event, whether as part of a broader PR program, or as a Stand-Alone Communication tool. Such event could be a PR tool in a campaign that includes areas such as: Media Relations, Marketing Communications, Government Relations, Internal Communications, Case Management or International Communications. Real case studies of business events enable students to understand the reality of effective Management Events, campaigns, etc.

The course will also discuss how to visualize and measure Public Opinion aspects, and how Public Opinion mainly influences the development of different policies, and the various available techniques to benefit from the concern topics of both public opinion and the media, to have a positive impact on PR outcomes.

The course also considers various issues and Crisis Management topics through a systematic public relations perspective, depending on the life cycle of many cases, Persuasion Theory, and external and internal focus on management of the best interests of both the environment and consumers. This course provides practical experience in problem definition, planning and strategic analysis. It also includes implementation techniques. The main focus of this course would involve current PR issues or crises at the local, national and international levels.

Public relations have authority over corporate social responsibility through the Cases Management Function and responsibility for corporate reputation, which necessarily means helping to change organizations to achieve new sustainability agendas. Public relations contribute to the effectiveness of organizations by improving organizational relationships, facilitating public talks and discussion. This course offered by the British Academy for Training and Development helps students develop an important assessment of the role of Public Relations in the community and the development of analytical and professional skills.

Objectives and target group

The British Academy for Training and Development provides this course for the following categories:

  • Directors of companies and establishments.
  • Shareholders and Business men wishing to expand their awareness of Media Management topics.
  • Communications Managers and PR professionals.
  • Senior Management Officers and Key Administrative Personnel.
  • Operation Managers and Project Managers.
  • Corporate Board of Directors and Executive Directors.
  • Professionals working in the fields of Media, Public Relations and Business.
  • Officials working in governmental institutions and other related administrative establishments.

How will trainees benefit from the Course?

After completing the program, trainees will be able to master the following topics:

  • Studying Public Opinion through a wide range of topics.
  • Proper determination of where public opinions or attitudes come from.
  • The ability to conduct Comprehensive Surveys on the course related topics.
  • Learning how to interpret the results of surveys and the best usage of such data and information, in order to manage crises, and to develop PR plans that lead to positive results.
  • How to convert survey data, into understandable and self-explanatory information.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Public Relations Management and Institutional Reputation.
  • Innovative business models and commercial communications.
  • Strategy 1: Structure and Style.
  • Strategy 2: Engage stakeholders and develop the media content.
  • Media relations and promotion of brands.
  • Risk Analysis and Institutional Issues and Crisis Management.
  • Identification of image and corporate identity.
  • Brand management and institutional reputation.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Care and effectiveness management.
  • Internal communication and commitment to work.

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Course Cost

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£2320 / Member

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£1885 / Member

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