Strategies of effective marketing of banking services


Fiscal services are defined as economic services by fiscal institutions , including  a great group of institutions. They work on the money administration , including credited Unions , outlets, credit card companies, insurance companies, funding companies, even fiscal speculative companies , investment administration companies and some companies which the government is funding them. As statistics 2004 like fiscal services section by 20%from market value of the companies ,inserting in   S and B indexes  500 in America, the term of fiscal services becomes well known in America because of activation  Gram litch , Belly law in the last of  1990s .It allows that any kind of the companies which work in US fiscal services section to emerge .

Objectives and target group

Aims and Target group

British Academy for Training and Improving presents strategies of effective marketing of banking services for who wants to gain a great skills to work in money markets and to an experience of the administration of the banks and the outlets

Target group

Mangers of institutions  and campiness

Businessmen who wants to improve their skills in the banks administration

Students and graduates the faculties of the business administration in all universities

Mangers and the employees the departments in the banks

Encounters  and their assistants  in the banks and the outlets

Who wants to improve his experience to work in the field of effective marketing

How do the participants benefit from the course?

Supervision abilities to prepare binding bonds and to make sure of them ,to work on their adoption before registration process in accounting records for the companies

Gaining the experience in the field of surveillance and supervision for all the bonds of the accounting office

Gaining the experience and skills in the field of the effective banking marketing for the services which are presented in the banks and the outlets

Supervision the annual inventory and make it sure .

Course Content

Scientific content :

Accounting principles

Basic terminology in accounting

Registration of fiscal processes

The theory of mutual binding

Definition of recast budget

Important rules for accounting

 Definition and the importance of Metric analysis

Definition of effective marketing of banking services

Strategies of the administration of the banks and the outlets

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Course Cost

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£3200 / Member

Members NO. : 2 - 3
£2560 / Member

Members NO. : + 3
£2080 / Member

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