Professional Diploma in Reputation Management


Managing your reputation  is vital for building strong relationships with your customers, supporters and funders. What are the key issues that affect your company's reputation and how do you measure how well you are doing in the minds of clients, competitors and media commentators?

This Reputation management Programme will help you make strategic choices about promoting and protecting your reputation. It will enable you communicate the value of a good reputation and how to manage a crisis when the worst case scenario becomes a reality!

Objectives and target group

Who should attend?  

This programme is for anyone with communications responsibility, and also for managers with an outward facing brief – e.g. those responsible for customer care. It will also be helpful for anyone in a senior management or board role who wants to take practical steps to build their organisation's reputation.

How attendees will benefit?

This programme will help you recognise what your reputation is based on, how to measure it and how to build and protect it. You will understand how to develop a reputation strategy as part of an overall communication strategy and identify the factors that contribute to reputation (such as quality of service, brand identity, governance, internal and external communication and corporate social responsibility) and how to ensure they are focused to create a powerful reputation for your organisation.

Course Content

what is 'reputation'?
• reputation as a 'strategic asset'
• the importance of good governance
• the links between brand, reputation and quality of service
• how staff ownership of the vision and values of the organisation underpins reputation
• how reputation and brand can generate staff loyalty and effectiveness
auditing your organisation's reputation
• measuring reputation
• identifying what your reputation rests on
• reviewing stakeholder experience, public relations and internal sign up to the values and vision
creating a reputation strategy
• identifying key strategic issues relating to your organisation's reputation
• gaining clarity - what reputation do you want?
• the components of a reputation strategy, and how they link to your communications strategy
• the emerging importance of corporate social responsibility for your reputation and what this means for your organisation
putting it into practice
• inclusive communication
• multi-channel marketing - ensuring that your communications reinforce each other
• smart tips and techniques for building your reputation
monitoring your reputation on a regular basis
• using quantitative surveys
• using qualitative methods
protecting your reputation
• risk assessment
• crisis management strategy

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Course Cost

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£4950 / Member

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£3960 / Member

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£3217.5 / Member

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