Professional Diplomatic Protocol Training Program


In today’s global arena, knowledge of foreign affairs and an understanding of proper protocol is in high-demand, the area of Diplomatic Etiquette and Protocol can be intimidating and difficult to grasp without specialized background knowledge and experience. This course is designed to sharpen your professional, social, business & diplomatic skills and to empower your multi-cultural communication competence, this requires an in-depth understanding of the various layers of Protocol and Etiquette.

Development and enhancement of the skills and abilities of employees working within the Public Relations field, is considered very important, since it constitutes a part of the globally applicable procedures, including contemporary applications of rules and regulations adopted by International Organizations, under Global Protocol Regulations, for communication between countries, establishments, and organization on the International level.

Through this course we are going to introduce the rules and practices of gentle behavior, the best practices for communication with others, good reception, since all such related matters represent a large portion of our personality.

Protocol is one of the most modern terms in terms of language but very old in terms of history as the word protocol is a development of the word of the conventions and understandings this is in the world of politics and at the international level, but within the field of business management has become the formulation of protocols is one of the important and necessary skills and very necessary for people who wish to They must take administrative duties. The people who perform such functions must have linguistic abilities, thought and management education. The protocols within the company have a specific form and model to be dealt with within large companies and taught in the largest academies and universities.

Objectives and target group

  • Young Diplomats,
  • Government representatives
  • International organisations staff
  • Practising diplomats
  • Communications officers
  • Protocol officers
  • Business managers and executives
  • PR consultants
  • Meeting planners
  • Events Organisers
  • Personal assistants and Secretaries
  • Administrative professionals
  • Human relations consultants
  • Those whose profession requires communicating and socialising in the global marketplace, and
  • Those who wish to sharpen, refresh and expand their knowledge on the international protocol in business & diplomacy.



  • To enhance your diplomatic use of language
  • To refine your professional public image
  • To increase your self-confidence in public relations

Course Content

  • Diplomacy
  • Ceremonies, etiquette and diplomatic protocol
  • Basic Determinants of Diplomatic Protocol
  • Basic rules of etiquette
  • Modern rules of etiquette and protocol
  • Conditions to be fulfilled in the ceremony
  • Ceremonial dress code
  • Protocol and ceremonies of precedence
  • The special significance of the ceremonial precedence
  • Priority application areas
  • Order of embassy members
  • General rules of precedence
  • Planning banquets and parties
  • Banquet and party etiquette
  • Invitation cards
  • Arrival and departure times
  • Dinner banquet
  • Lunch banquet
  • Garden parties
  • Reception protocol
  • Steps to organize and prepare the conference
  • Official visit ceremonies
  • Flag Raising Rules
  • Flags at half-mast rules
  • National anthem
  • Presentation and introduction etiquette
  • Handshake etiquette
  • Courtesy etiquette
  • Simplicity etiquette
  • Official and International Courtesy Images
  • Rules of decency in the event of the death of a foreign head of state
  • Visiting cards
  • The art of conversation

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Course Cost

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Members NO. : 1
£3800 / Member

Members NO. : 2 - 3
£3040 / Member

Members NO. : + 3
£2356 / Member

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