Advanced course in writing business newsletters


This course provided by the British Academy for Training and Development helps to understand the writing basics of newsletter and most advanced techniques. Topics will include various new methods and programs used to develop business and media newsletters.


Simplicity makes beauty

Avoid using multiple columns and complex structures when editing your newsletter. Remember that the main purpose of the message is to direct your message readers to Landing Pages. So, design a simple, logical structure for your newsletter to motivate your readers to click links. Put the most important content at the top of the message.

Use text and images with appropriate rates

 If you design all newsletter content using images, it will end up in the spam folder. However, when you place an appropriate amount of images with the text, you may add an aesthetic dimension to the newsletter and make it desirable. Especially, if the images appear automatically to the recipients.


Objectivity is to follow the professional methods in the formulation of the draft.


Monitor the effectiveness of your newsletters in terms of content and address that seeks to develop your communication skills. Getting your newsletters to subscribers' mailboxes is just the first step in making an effective email marketing campaign. The rest of the steps depend on the quality of the content and the effectiveness of the tool.

Objectives and target group

"People who are engaged in marketing, public relations and other related administrative functions."

  • How will participants benefit from the course?

Trainees will be able to know

  • What are newsletters?
  • How to prepare a newsletter.
  • How to write a compelling editorial.
  • 20 basic tips for writing a newsletter.
  • How to close your articles in the newsletter.

Course Content

  • Understanding the purpose of your business newsletter.
  • How to create good ideas for newsletters.
  • Conducting effective research and interviews.
  • Plan and structure your article in the form of your winning bid.
  • Writing for your readers: tone, style, and choice of words.
  • Add a special character to your writing.
  • Work on a logical sequence and make the reader feel interested.
  • Editing for grammar, punctuation and repetition.
  • Add margin details and images in order to make great impact.
  • Shorten the exhaustive endings and submit your essay.

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£2320 / Member

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£1885 / Member

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