Understanding the principles of sport training is considered the priorities of the science and the knowledge which the new trainer should know, the general concept of the sport is some of the practices which all members do, aim at getting a good level in the health, a good fitness and an activity leads the person to follow-up his work and make him afford its stress and burdens, but the professional sport, which need a professional trainer, has another concept which obliges  the trainer to understand the principles of the sport training before going into this field.

Objectives and target group

Foundations and skills of the principles of the sport training

Before going into the principles of the sport training, should know the meaning of the sport training process, which is a training process based on specific scientific foundations, a specific type of sport and activities, the trainer does not have to reach all the trainees on the same level, but he rises the trainee to an appropriate level as much as he can, And therefore, the process of training is considered a special training process for everybody  separately,  even if it is done in a collective framework, so the most important principles of sport training are:

  • Depending on the scientific basis significantly: so the trainer has to know muscular anatomy of the human body, because over-targeting of certain muscles may lead to negative consequences and might prevent this human from practice the sport for long periods.
  • Understanding the individual differences: as we mentioned earlier, the process of training is an individual process to some extent, so the trainer must take into consideration the differences between the trainees.
  • The attendance and regular follow-up: because the most important principle is depending on the attendance and regular follow-up, is not specific periods.
  • Leading personality: principles of sport training depend on the personality of the trainer, even the training process is an individual process, a firm personality gives a greater impression of the seriousness and feasibility of training.

Course Content

The sport training affects the life of the human significantly, so the British Academy for training and the development concentrates on the importance of understanding of the trainer to the principles and the basis of the sport training before going into the field.

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