Consulting and management solutions

CONSULTATIONS & Business Solutions.

This services provides market details and consulting market size in Europe including details of sector the customer intends to invest or work through. On the Board of Directors level, we help in setting out marketing strategy and measuring return on investment. In this field, consulting includes:

  1. Reviewing the corporate strategy: Vision, mission, values, objectives and exit strategy.
  2. Customer search.
  3. Reviewing sale and planning processes.
  4. Searching and analyzing competitors.
  5. SWOT matrix/ analysis.
  6. Trademark and strategy planning portfolio.
  7. Pricing strategy.
  8. Reviews, marketing and marketing plans.
  9. Setting out success standards.


The British Academy is featured with a unique service, which is providing high quality consulting services to the  governmental sectors of all specializations including ministries, municipalities, branches, local boards’ managements and long-term strategic development plans. In this sense, beneficiaries can transfer the modern European experience to their countries ensuring continuous and permanent development.


Global Consulting Industry Market Size in the sector and regions, where the Academy provides management consultants who provide consultation and advice for organization in strategic and organizational planning, financial planning, budget policy, setting out and redrafting marketing goals and policies, human resources policies, practices, planning and rescheduling production and planning.

The Academy provides advice on the global markets where consulting and market are divided including all sectors and service fields. This service provides important information about market segmentation and marketing strategy which include the targeted markets segmentation widely and subgroups of consumers and companies, or countries having or considered to be having common needs, interests and priorities. Hence, strategies are designed and executed to target them.


The Academy provides advice and consulting to whoever desires to enter the European Market whether through investing capital in companies’ shares or purchasing and building real estates. The Academy experts help the investor or businessman know the common European market laws and other related services.