This course, taught by the British Academy for Training and Development, teaches students the techniques and methods used to move objects and virtual environments using the industry's leading software and hardware in this field. Students will be introduced to the principles of 3D computer animation, where 3D animation series can be used to promote students' web design projects, such as video and CD-ROM drives only.

Animation is an art that transforms a silent image into a movement full of life. It releases the human aspects of the product, and presents them in a more meaningful and entertaining way to the target audience. We teach the trainers how to transform the required message into a story, and then present this story in a fun and easy video format. We introduce the production of animated videos for various types of audience. When it comes to producing animation videos, you may be surprised at the amount of work required and the number of artists who are performing the video or Advertise until you see it on the screen. The forms of animation vary from 2D drawings that are manually executed to 3D computer graphics or even clay films and many more methods of animations.

3D Animation

3D animations are very different from 2D creation, in terms of both production and final product formation. 3D animation produces realistic characters of Three Dimensions (length, width and depth). All 3D animation is produced using a computer. In contrast to 2D animation, 3D animation produces vibrant characters with stunning aesthetic appearance and outlook. In addition, any 3D animation movie is treated as if it were something physical or real object running on the screen.

Objectives and target group

3D animation production stages

Have you ever asked how 3D movies are produced? As you would expect, many people need a lot of time to produce a one-minute animation video.

We invite you to learn about the stages of 3D animation production and the importance of each stage

Target group of the course:

The British Academy for Training and Development is targeting new employees, journalists, people working in the field of animation and 3D graphics.

How will participants benefit from the course?

After completing the program, participants will be able to learn:

  • Creation of Animation and Special effects.
  • Principles of Animation.
  • Particle systems, vacuum distortion, and simulation.
  • Set up a 3D animation character.

Course Content

  • Instant physics.
  • Physical control of motion.
  • Improved animation styles.
  • Techniques and methods for the production and shaping of cartoon character.
  • Simulation of clothing and costumes.
  • Models of distortion and destroying of characters.
  • Artificial life (plants and animals).
  • Crowds Simulation.
  • Advanced 3D modeling (implicit and boundary methods for drawing surfaces).
  • Water and fluid simulation.

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Course Cost

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£2320 / Member

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